6 New Silk Wallcoverings To Elevate Your Space

Few things match the elegance of a silk wallcovering. A powerful symbol of luxury and opulence, they can be both delicate and dramatic. And whether you’re looking to create a regal dining area or a lush, cozy bedroom, they act as a versatile canvas in any space…

The only challenge is finding the style that suits your vision the most. And that’s why, in this article, we explore five silk wallcoverings for different aesthetics. Keep an eye out for the latest cult favourite collections and leading trends.

Amalfi Silk

Named after the illustrious Amalfi coast, Amalfi Silk is a handwoven material that comes in a range of sought after colours. Bring a mediterranean dream to life throughout hallways and living spaces with rich reds and deep greens or ground a bedroom or living space with calm, light sea blues.

Amalfi Silk.

Brushstroke Silk

With visible horizontal lines, Brushstroke Silk is a captivating material that captures a sense of movement and vitality. Pair it with more plainly designed rooms to infuse energy or use brushstroke silk as an accent wall in an already vibrant living space.

Brushstroke Silk.

Broad Stroke Silk

With the effect of sweeping paint brushtrokes, Broad Strokes Silk catches the eye and draws it over a glamorous canvas. This is perfect for adding personality to elevated bedrooms and living spaces, and makes a captivating focal point as a feature wall.

Broad Stroke Silk.

Goldcoast Silk

Goldcoast Silk brings an unparalleled tactile visual experience. At a distance, you’ll notice a fine sheen before stepping closer to uncover rich details. The result is classic elegance with a modern twist — ideal for contemporary dining spaces and expansive living rooms.

Goldcoast Silk.

Star Dust Silk

As enchanting as the name suggests, Star Dust Silk is a beautifully textured wallcovering that comes in a range of colours. Use a pearlescent pink to soften a bedroom or warm chocolatey browns to add dimension to a dining space or living area.

Star Dust Silk.

Velvet Cocoon

The smoothest wallcovering on our list, Velvet Cocoon is a luxurious addition to any space. Add it to a bedroom where it will exude ultimate comfort or complement an elegant dining room with shades in almost every colour imaginable.

Velvet Cocoon.

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