Avoid making decorating mistakes

We’re all guilty of making mistakes, especially when it comes to decorating our homes. It’s so easy to do too, even professionals make mistakes (we can’t always be perfect).  But, the thing to be sure of is recognising it and putting it right. We could list hundreds of mistakes to avoid, but here is our top five.

Test paint colours

Always do some swatch testing and never buy your paint in isolation. Your paint is the biggest part of your room design. Pick out accent colours from your furniture and soft furnishings. Use a colour fan to help you find a coordinating colour to really bring out the best of what you’ve got.

Measure before buying

It doesn’t matter how much you covet a piece of furniture or how it will absolutely ‘go’ with your theme, never, ever buy without measuring.  Large items such as dinning tables and sofas often look much smaller in the grand showrooms of retail outlets! Equally a delicate cocktail chair could seem lost in a vast room.

Don’t forget the room’s purpose

Think function before anything else.  We all have an idea about how we want our rooms and homes to look, but in redecorating and designing they need to still fulfil their purpose. Lifestyle trends often dictate how the function of a home will change over time.  For example, the prevalence of homeworking and multi-generational living.

Don’t go overboard

This should be your mantra.  Yes to bold colour, but not everywhere.  Yes add interest and composition with accessories and art, but be mindful that it doesn’t turn to clutter. Yes to soft furnishings and statement pieces of furniture, but keep your room’s scale and proportion in  mind. Yes to a theme, but no to making it look like

Shop around

We all have a favourite shop for furniture and interiors, but look further afield to give your room or home a little more interest.  It’s very tempting to pick up a set of coordinated ready made furniture, but in shopping around you can add visual interest and character. And if you’re time poor, go to department stores or online outlets that stock numerous brands, this way you can stick with a style or theme without being matchy-matchy!

We’re always adding examples of contemporary decorating and design to our Houzz and Pinterest pages.  Be sure to check them out.