Contemporary Decorating

When thinking about contemporary decorating and styling, we often think of clean lines, open spaces and a natural colour palette. Fabrics and material are inspired by nature too. We often call this a minimalist approach. This is great for a magazine shoot, or a show-home, but contemporary minimalism can often feel stark, bare and unwelcoming.  And, let’s face it, there aren’t many of us who can live day-to-day like we’re in a show home!

Contemporary decorating and styling should make for a calming yet cosy retreat and here are a few tips on achieving that look:

  • -Make a statement with bold accessories and items of furniture
  • -Less is definitively more, think bold bare, structural and forget about excessive details
  • -Keep flooring simple, bare wood tile and simple vinyl, adding colour and texture with rugs.
  • -When considering your colour palette, think black, white and neutrals with accents of bold colour.
  • -Work with the lines of your space, take advantage of structural elements
  • -Use space to your advantage, empty spaces on walls or between pieces of furniture are as important as areas filled with objects.

We’ve worked on lots of contemporary homes, take a look at our projects on Houzz for more contemporary decorating ideas.

contemporary decorating

Contemporary styling and decorating