Everything You Need To Know About Airless Paint Spraying

Airless paint spraying involves the use of a specialist spray gun which splits paint into atoms and applies it to a surface without the need for compressed air. It’s become increasingly popular over the past few years because of its ease, efficiency and flawless effect.

In this article, we take a closer look at how airless paint spraying works, its benefits, and examples of its application.

How airless paint spraying works

With airless paint spraying, paint is forced through a spray tip at high pressure. This splits it into atoms creating a fine mist on the targeted surface.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on compressed air, it’s a pump that pressurizes the paint. This means that decorators can achieve a more consistent and even application of paint. Typically airless paint spray guns will also come with adjustable settings so decorators can control the pattern and flow of the paint.

The benefits of airless paint spraying

Because the pressurized pump provides extensive coverage, airless paint spraying can be as much as ten times faster than brushing or rolling. This means roofs, cladding and ceilings can be covered in minutes.

Meanwhile, because of the adjustable settings, airless paint spraying is ideal for ensuring an immaculate finish on smaller surfaces. Since the spray is so fine, you can easily build up even layers that are less likely to drip than traditional painting methods. And you never have to worry about brush marks either.

Airless paint sprayers can handle a wide range of coatings, including paints, primers, stains, and sealers. This versatility makes them suitable for a diverse range of projects, from painting walls to protecting external doors.

Airless paint spraying examples

Airless paint spraying offers extremely even coverage, as can be seen in the below image which shows a fine layer of paint perfectly covering a door frame.

Close up of airless paint spraying on wood.

At the same time, because airless paint spraying is so fast and so precise, it’s ideal for ensuring run-free smooth coverage on overhead surfaces. Take a look at this image from a luxury property in London.

Airless paint spraying gives smooth coverage on overhead surfaces.

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