Expert Exterior Painting And Decorating In London

S&V London offers a range of exterior prime painting and decoration services in London and Surrey. Our services are available for both residential and commercial properties in the area and are carried out by experts in the industry.

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Why Choose Exterior Painting Services?

Exterior painting and decorating are as important as interior painting for many different reasons.

Weather Conditions

As the biggest influence over the exterior condition of any building, the weather is accountable for damaged paint. Over time, as the weather varies in severity, there comes a point where the exterior painting will need to be redone. Both heat and cold in extremes can cause damage but most commonly wind and rain will put a strain on exterior paint.

Wood Health

Over time wood will lose its initial strength and stability which can cause an expansion in heat and contraction in cool climates. Cracks in paint are created by this movement, which will need to be filled and covered. Without doing so, the building’s structure is left at risk as damage can permeate further.

Architectural Condition

Most properties need painting every 3-5 years to upkeep their appearance and resistance against the weather. When a building’s exterior paint isn’t maintained, severe issues can occur including rot which can severely impact a building’s overall quality and safety.

Our exterior painting services will save you future repair costs while ensuring your property looks its best too.

With the expertise and professional skills required, every exterior painting or decoration project that we complete is done to the highest standard. As with all of our services, our clients trust our reputation and brand in this specialist decoration area.

As interior and exterior decoration differ, we understand the precautions and considerations that must be put in place. From the impacting natural elements that come with weather changes to the architecture of a building itself, there are several factors to be assessed with such projects.

Our Estimator will:

Assess the building’s exterior structure for damage

Assess which paint and materials are most suitable

Assess a timeframe in which the job can be completed

All exterior painting jobs are completed using the best quality fillers and paints to ensure a long-lasting finish that will last. Contact us for a quote on your commercial or residential project.

Properties In London

London’s architectural landscape is renowned for its brightly coloured houses and commercial properties that are finished to the highest standard. If you own a home or are seeking commercial exterior painting in the city, S&V is the team you need.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our competent team is fully equipped to carry out any exterior decoration job, no matter the project scale. Trust is our number one priority and we ensure that all clients receive a high standard of professionalism across all areas.

No matter the requirements you have, S&V will finish your project to full satisfaction providing you with the best exterior decoration service in London and Surrey.

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