Hand-painted cabinets: A beautiful touch in an elevated kitchen 

You can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen without extensive costs… A hand-painted cabinet provides a new focal point that adds atmosphere and personality to your space without you having to change the entire room.

From soft pastels to bold hues, you can create a look that complements your existing decor or sets a whole new tone. In this article, we explore how this looks in practice with hand-painted cabinets that have beautiful texture and depth.

Radiant contrast

The picture below is the perfect example of how a hand-painted cabinet can be used as a bold focal point in an otherwise neutral space. The deep orange shade instantly draws the eye and adds a vibrant energy to the room. Meanwhile, the hand-painted finish provides a sense of richness and depth.

Kitchen with hand painted cabinets in deep orange shade.


Captured light

A hand-painted cabinet in a lighter shade can catch the sun and open up your kitchen. This not only makes the space feel more expansive but also contributes to a sense of homeliness.

This gentle green shade provides a great example. Complementing with the other warm tones found across the shelving, ceiling and floor, it transforms the space into one that is welcoming and full of character.

Kitchen With Hand Painted Cabinets In Light Green.


Deep elegance

In a room that’s full of dark, moody shades it can be hard to find a way to maintain depth and sophistication while introducing a cabinet that acts as a focal point. By selecting an entirely different colour with complementary undertones, however, you can achieve a sense of balance.

Take a look at this navy cabinet… The rich hue adds an additional layer of drama to the space in contrast to the slightly more mellow purple and the gold fittings and light wooden shelves add warmth.

Kitchen With Navy Cabinet With Gold Fittings And Mellow Purple Walls.


Sunshine daydream

Nothing brings a sense of joy to a space like the colour yellow… So what could be a better way to brighten your kitchen than to incorporate a cabinet in a sunshine shade?

Be sure to balance a hand-painted yellow cabinet out with neutrals and to implement complementary shades like white, grey and brown in curtains, rugs, or decorative accents. You should also maximise the light in your kitchen so as not to risk overwhelming the space.

Kitchen With Yellow Cabinets Balanced With Neutral Tiles.


Add beautiful detail to your space

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