Open plan living ideas

Open plan rooms are thoroughly modern and highly desirable. They provide light and space, and offer great opportunities for modern family living, but when it comes to decorating, or even furnishing one, you need to tackle it differently to the way you would approach an individual room.

Open plan livingFaced with a huge open expanse, home owners often feel daunted, so we hope that our brief guide will help you to get your open plan space to work for you and your family.

Making open plan areas work for you

– Duplicate colours as you move from one space to the next. This can be seen in our example as the warm wood floors and worktops are carried through into the dining furniture.

– Keep a natural flow throughout the space by painting all adjoining walls and any architectural details in the same colour.

– Separate living/dining and kitchen areas in a way that naturally breaks the space without disrupting the flow. Dropped ceilings, breakfast bars and islands, or even a painted wall.

– Define areas with furniture.  A well places sofa, or a bookcase to help one space flow into an other works well.

– Don’t clutter the space. You should be able to move and see freely in a well designed and decorated open plan space.

– Hang eye catching fittings and fixtures to differentiate areas. Choose items that mimic colours already used in the room

– Add focal points in each area

If you’re still struggling to get the picture, have a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas