Super Prime Interior – London

Super-Prime Interior - London

Our talented team worked across the stunning interior of this property which features breathtaking aesthetics merging a range of styles effortlessly.

 The entrance hallway takes inspiration from traditional Morrocon architecture with a beautiful curved archway framing a wooden door. S&V achieved a prime finish across all woodwork using its renowned spraying technique. Colours are minimal and contemporary for a clean finish and to allow other decorative elements to take the spotlight.

 With natural lighting flooding into this property thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, the hallway’s unique wallpaper draws attention with its stunning Japanese landscape graphic featuring renaissance elements. And, this area is further highlighted by an elegant marble floor using an optical illusion 3-D pattern.

 The property’s bar area uses an industrial interior to create a relaxing environment highlighted with deep blue flooring that perfectly complements the warm wood used across its accents. In this area, soft lighting fixtures are also used to create a rustic ambience.

 A contemporary colour palette is used in the property’s living room to keep the aesthetic minimal while allowing the open fireplace to stand as the centrepiece. Large windows bring in natural hues of green as they allow for a vista out onto the garden area.


All woodwork and ceiling areas have been sprayed meticulously to achieve a high level of precision and to give a flawless brilliant white finish where needed.

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