Seven Wallpaper Trends That’ll Catch Eyes in 2024

Seeking to carve out an elevated space? Wallpaper is the ingredient that brings it all together. That’s why, in this article, we embark on a journey to explore seven trends that are currently redefining the world of wallpaper design. Look out for inspiration images that we’re just obsessed with.

Wallpaper trends in 2024

We used interior designers’ insights to predict what will be popular in 2024 based on designs that have thrived in 2023.  This means an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary styles.

1.  Mural wallpaper

Wallpaper designs featuring large images and scenes such as cityscapes and idyllic country vistas have become increasingly popular in recent years. Allowing designers to create a truly immersive yet intricate landscape, these wallpapers turn rooms into entire canvases.

Mural wallpaper.


 2.  A richness of texture

Heavily textured wallpapers are a treat for the eyes. That’s why we’re seeing a rise in woven and hammered patterns as well as wallpaper crafted from natural fibres such as grasscloth. Catching the light in a dynamic way, these designs add visual interest and a sense of depth to any space.

A richness of texture.


3.  70’s style wallpaper

Resurging again in the early 2020’s, 70’s style wallpaper adds timeless appeal to any room. These retro designs draw inspiration from geometric patterns, earthy color palettes and bold accents for a result that is equal parts nostalgic and fresh.

70s style wallpaper.


4.  Dopamine decorating

Dopamine decorating is a term that refers to the use of bright colours and bold patterns to incite joy. And as Lucy Mather from Arighi Bianchi describes, “The idea of dopamine decorating has been a buzzword for the past 12 months, but this desire to add fun and energy into our interiors is very much here to stay.”

Dopamine decorating.


5.  Biophilic design

Biophilic or nature-filled wallpaper prints have been rising in popularity for the past 5 years alongside the growth of the trend more widely. We’re seeing jungle-inspired prints, floral motifs and serene landscapes everywhere.

Biophilic design.


6.  Wave patterns

Waves soften a space, adding a sense of tranquility and calm. For this reason, interior designers are using wave-patterned wallpaper in quiet spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Wave patterns.


7.  Wallpaper in unexpected places

One of the biggest wallpaper trends in 2024 will relates to not just prints and design, but placement. As Interior Designer, Sara Miller describes, “Whether it’s just for some added texture or a full mural print which adds interest when you look up, papered ceilings will increase in popularity.”

Wallpaper in unexpected places.


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